New Felting Kits

Fox, Hare, Puffin, Bunny, Wired Hair Dachshund, Panda, Robin, Blue Tit, Puffin, Penguins and Mice.

What is Felting?

Felting is a simple process of separating, tangling, and re-locking animal fibers found in items such as yarn or wool. In felting, the scales are coaxed into separation through heat,warm water or friction and then gently tangled using various tools.

Two Types of Felting- 1. Wet and 2. Dry ( With a Barbed Needle )

1. The wet felting process uses hot water with soap,applied to layers of animal fibers. This process is very pysically demading because it takes repeated agitation and compression which causes the fibers to hook together and become a piece of fabric. Not all animal fibres wet felt easily and plant fibers and synthetic fibers will not wet felt.

2. Dry Felting or Needle Felting - The felting needles are a special kind of needle that have tiny barbs on the end.  When you  stab into the wool the barbs push the wool in, but not back out again and tangle the fibres either onto another surface or form a shape such as a ball.

 Tools that I have in my Studio are from Clover.
I often use the pen and 5 needle tool for doing most of my landscape ( flat felting ) and the pen is especially handy for making 2D and 3D objects.                               

Clover 5 Needle Tool $ 25.00     


Clover Pen Style that can be used with one, two or three needles $22.00     


5 Needle Refil Pack ( Fine) $15.00                                                                                                                                                     

Single Needles , Fine, Meduim, - $3.00 each Star and Reverse Barb are $3.50 each   


 Some of my Felted Works  

Pumpkins - Finished $10 each and Kits with Instructions, fiber and needle to make two pumpkins are $18.

    Large Butterflys Finished $20 Small Butterflys Finished $8.00 Kits to make a variety of sizes have enought to make a large and a couple small. Instructions , patterns , H20 fabric, wool fabric, colourful fibers and one felting needle for $18.

    Felted Poppies Finished are $10 each and Kits are $12