Wool Applique

Non  Woven Wool & Rayon Blend Felt

My favorite felt to work with is from National Non Woven.  When washed and dryed it becomes a beautiful felted fabric . It can all so be hand dyed because of its fibre content.

Check out all the beautiful colours. https://www.nationalnonwovens.com/Applications/arts/woolfelt.html

I carry most of the colours in my Studio and can be purchased by sheet 12" x 18" for $3.00 each or by the yard.

Woven Wool Fabric

Hand Dyed Fat Quarters ( 18" x 30") - $16.50 each

Dorr Solid Coloured Fat Quarters ( 18" x 30" ) $13.00

Plaid Fat Quarters (18" x 30") $13.50




Gwen's Handmade Creations Wool Applique Patterns

Snowman Mug Rug - Finished $12 - Pattern and Instructions - $20

Mug Rugs Finished $10 - Pattern and Instructions - $15