Rug Hooking & Punching

Posted on: March 1, 2018

 Rug Hooking and Punch Needle Patterns

What’s the difference? Rug Hooking is more of the traditional method used to pull loops to the front of a drawn picture on a variety of different backings. Backings that can be made of burlap, linen, warp or monks cloth.

Punch Needle is working with the wrong side facing you and punching down on the backing to make a loop. You are looking at the wrong side when working with this method. You do not see your loops till you turn your project over to see the what you have punched.

The results in the finished project can look very similar. The advantage of the traditional hooking is that you can see immediately what your loops look like and have more control over how they look. With Punch needle you must stop and turn it over to see what the loops look like and you have very little control over the length of the loops, however punch needling is much faster and easier to get the hang of than traditional hooking.

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